Kitchen Pantry Ideas – Improve The Value And Function Of Your Kitchen Renovation

One of the often overlooked aspects of kitchen design; until you don’t have one, then you’ll wish you did, is the kitchen pantry. A properly situated kitchen pantry adds valuable storage space and will increase the functionality of any kitchen. Even if you have a relatively small kitchen space to work with, including a pantry in your kitchen will improve the overall utility of your kitchen.

Hamilton Kitchen with a walk in pantry

Traditionally, a kitchen pantry provided space for all of the food storage required for preparing the family meals.

A kitchen pantry can be as small as 2 feet by 2 feet square. With floor to ceiling pantry shelves and cabinets, you can store a lot of items, and remove some of the clutter from other areas of your kitchen. If you have the space for a walk-in pantry then you can store almost anything you want, and have it within easy reach to make life easier for you. After all, when you build a new kitchen, you want the finished product to suite your lifestyle and make your life more enjoyable.

The style of your kitchen pantry can be as varied as your kitchen design. Most pantries are a small room carved out of the kitchen space and have standard walls and a small standard door for access. Don’t have enough room for a pantry? If possible, when you are designing your kitchen, borrow the space from an adjoining mudroom or laundry room, to enlarge your kitchen space. You will be spending more time in your kitchen than you will in other small utilitarian rooms.

You can also build a food pantry to match the rest of your kitchen cabinets. At Kitchen Cabinets Hamilton, we offer floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets of varying sizes which allow you to add the option of a kitchen pantry within a small kitchen space. While you gain a significant amount of storage space with a pantry cabinet, you do lose some counter space, but the trade-off may be worth it. A cabinet pantry will look very upscale in any kitchen design and should be considered as an option when you design your new kitchen.

To add a touch of utilitarian elegance to your kitchen, the inclusion of an old fashioned butler’s pantry to your kitchen will fit the bill. A butler’s pantry will contain your fine china, crystal, silverware, serving platters, and other items used when you entertain guests. Usually located between the kitchen and dining room, this area allows the butler (or you) to prepare the dining room, serve guests, and perform preliminary cleanup without getting in the way of the kitchen staff (or you, again). If you include a sink and mini-fridge in the butler’s pantry, it greatly enhances your ability to entertain, and not be stuck in the kitchen.

As you design your new kitchen or remodel your old kitchen, you want to make the end product as efficient as possible. If you have any questions during the design phase of your kitchen, talk to our professional kitchen designer at Kitchen Cabinets Hamilton with your concerns. They can help you to optimize your kitchen space, or increase the space easily. The inclusion of a kitchen pantry will make your kitchen more efficient, and if your existing kitchen does not have a pantry, doing your best to include one will increase your overall satisfaction with your new kitchen. And that is why you are creating a new kitchen in the first place.