You’ve chosen the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. It’s now time to select the kitchen cabinet hardware that will personalize your kitchen. You may have already experienced and seen the huge number of cabinet hinges, hardware pulls and cabinet hardware drawer slides available. Faced with this overwhelming choice, choosing kitchen cabinet hardware can seem like a daunting task. Here’s how to simplify the process.

Knobs and Pulls – are readily visible so you’ll want to choose ones that help define and enhance the look of the cabinets. Knobs are easy to install with just a bolt and screw although some knobs are even easier to install with built in screws. Knobs range in size from ¾” to 2” diameter. Pulls work the same way as knobs but they take up more space than knobs.

Back plates – Back plates are placed between the drawer and knob or pull. Back plates are optional. They can be used to protect the cabinet surface or to create a different look for the hardware and cabinets.

Hinges- Cabinet hinges are a bit trickier to choose. You first need to know what type of cabinets you have. Most cabinets are either European or face-frame. For European cabinets, the doors will be full overlay, half overlay or inset. If the cabinets are face frame, the doors are either flush, lipped or overlay. European hinges are mostly used for full-overlay and inset doors. European overlay hinges work for half-overlay doors. Face frame cabinets have more hinge options available. For example, H-style hinges are used with flush doors. Other options available are T-style hinges, butterfly hinges and partial wrap around hinges.

Door Catches- Door catches can be used on doors that don’t have self closing hinges. Magnetic door catches are mainly used for glass doors. Spring roller touch catches don’t have the clicking sounds that most magnetic catches have. Friction catches provide a secure grasp of the door.

Drawer slides can be light, medium or heavy duty. Before you choose a drawer slide, you need to know the slide and drawer lengths. If you want access to every inch of the drawer, choose a full extension drawer slide.

Choosing the best hardware for your new kitchen cabinets can be time consuming. It’s worth the effort to evaluate several designs that appeal to you and scheduling the time necessary to make the right decision, before the hardware is installed. It’s just one additional step that you’ll appreciate when you start to use you renovated kitchen.

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